Spread the Love!

I’ve been wanting to share a casting calendar that promotes love and compassion for some time now and feel the month of February is the best match for such endeavors. Take your Magpie Oracle charms (a Lenormand deck also works) and cast the lot over the month of February.  You will notice that each day of the week offers what I’m calling love bombs–  quotes that inspire the heart to open and explode with loving kindness.  Following each quote is an action sentence that takes its cue from the charm that lands in or near it.  You may have more than one charm land on a day of the week or none at all.  Play with charm combining when met with more than one charm. With none, I see it as a day to offer extra love on the altar of the Mystery. Have fun and try to approach this casting sheet with an open and receptive heart.

Magpie Oracle keywords can be found here.

A free Lenormand deck here.

Enjoy and much metta.


(Click, print & divine from the heart)