Tarot Interviews

Tarot 10/22

Tarot 10/22 is a project I’ve been creating with wonderful diviners in the tarot community. This is a series of live webcast interviews that are aired for an online Meetup audience illustrating how diviners are adding to the tarot’s ongoing progress. Each meeting begins by asking 10 tarot related questions that are answered in, or under 22 minutes. We will also feature tarot spreads developed by our guests that reinforce their unique approach to the cards. All levels are invited and encouraged.

The Trumps

Ever wonder what the cards would say if they could speak? The Trumps is a series of one-on-one exclusive interviews where I get up close and personal with the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. These interviews investigate the inner workings of the Tarot’s most famous archetypes and offer an in-depth look at their often misunderstood lives. Think you know these cards? Think again.