The Tarot Speaks. A Free Interactive Spread.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to turn the reading table on the tarot, to have the cards read me rather than it be the other way around.  Would the outcome be different if I sat at the Magician’s table or considered my situation from the Hermit’s mountaintop? I feel it would and in view of this I wanted to create an interactive spread that puts the tarot in the reader’s chair.

In this post you will find a new Magpie Oracle casting sheet followed by 22 audio recordings from the Major Arcana’s point of view. Each recording provides a message from whatever card you divine. For example, if a charm (cards work too) lands on the casting sheet’s Wheel of Fortune card, click on the Wheel of Fortune image found just below the casting sheet. Doing so will take you to an audio recording that offers insights from the Wheel’s perspective as well as the remaining Major Arcana.  If casting isn’t your thing, you can also use these recordings as writing prompts, single card meditations and more. The idea is to approach each card from a new, rather than familiar, vista. Each recording delivers about two minutes of advice and in many cases the cards pose a question thematic of their environment. These questions can be answered by casting additional charms or pulling cards. Here’s how it works…

  • Click and print your casting sheet.
  • Cast your charms over the sheet.
  • Click on the Major Arcana images below this casting sheet to listen to your divination.


1 Tarot Talismans Major Arcana Spread

If this is your first time to my site, welcome!  I recommend you visit here before proceeding. In doing so you will be directed to some useful tips on casting with any of the Magpie Oracle or Lenormand products.

While it isn’t always necessary, I like to start this divination with a question. I recommend you build a question that requires an actionable result on your part. For example:

  • What action can I take that will help me better understand __________?
  • What’s the best action for me to take concerning ____________?
  • What can I expect if I ______________?
  • What can I expect if I don’t (as sometimes not doing is an action in itself) _____________?


After casting, you might want to write each charm’s title directly onto the casting sheet. This way you can keep referring to your spread after you’ve put your charms away. Once all of your charms are noted and in place, look for any card-to-charm pairings.  An example of this would be when the Fool charm lands in the position of the Fool card on your sheet. For many this match can indicate a charged position. If you discover identical pairings take a moment to decide how you want to apply the double meaning to your current situation. What is it pointing at or suggesting you pay close attention to?

In the event when card and charm are not a match, experiment with creating a dialogue between the two. The same can be applied to more than one charm landing in one position as well as reading several charms in rows, diagonals, corners, etc.  Take some extra time to see how well the charms are getting along in their new environment.  For example, what kind of advice do you think the Emperor would offer to a visiting Devil or vice versa?

To extend the experience click on any of the following images to receive some added insight from the Major Arcana.  Each card will take you to an audio link on Soundcloud.  Take some time to tune into your interactive oracle and when you feel you’ve considered everything, ask yourself:

  • What is the actionable result that’s being presented to me and how will I fulfill it?
  • How will I become a vehicle for my divination and how can I express it in the world?


This divination wants you to be creative and follow your intuition’s lead.  In doing so you are building self-trust while strengthening your oracular muscle. As always, stay divine and may the future follow your highest wishes.

Still looking for a little more meaning to apply to your charms? Click here for a free Magpie Oracle Charm Guidebook.

Click each card to hear your interactive oracle

0. Fool 1. Magician2. HP 3. Empress

4. Emperor 5. Heirophant6. Lovers7. Chariot 8. Strength9. Hermit 10. Fortune11. Justice 12. Hanged One13. Death 14. Temperance15. Devil 16. Tower17. star 18. Moon19. Sun 20. Judgment21. World