Tell it ot the Hand

I am part of a Facebook event called, My Hand to Yours. This is a virtual handshake that circles the globe with the sole purpose of raising and sharing “our powerful and awesome energy in the spirit of sharing, growth and healing.”  During July 29-30, participants are encouraged to “post threads and/or photos with the intentions and wishes for the highest blessings and good for all members mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.”  This is a refreshing activity considering how often we encounter Facebook’s shadow-side .  My Hand to Yours was masterminded by Bobbie Jo Drake who skillfully moderates a Facebook Lenormand group I’m part of and speaks highly of her thoughtful nature. I like participating in anything she creates, especially if it encourages community wellness. This event has inspired the included casting sheet and gives focus to divining hands and the primary mounts found in the hand when reading palms. Open your hand and you will see several rises and dips, especially below your fingers and along the sides. In hand analysis speak, these are called mounts. Each mount corresponds with a planet and personality trait and can offer additional insight that goes beyond the four primary lines popular in palm reading (the head, heart, life and destiny lines which are covered in my video).  You don’t need a Magpie Oracle for this sheet to work. In the place of charms you can use tarot, Lenormand or oracle cards, as well as runes, bones, shells, etc. The main being that you use what’s closest to your heart and share that feeling with your community, both virtual and otherwise.

Palm Reading Casting Sheet