Telling Time with the Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box


Simple is rule and I created the Magpie Oracle II’s Keepsake Box with that specific rule in mind.  I wanted to make a casting kit that brimmed with universal symbols, yet wasn’t tied into an established system with set meanings.  I also wanted something that would cover a wide range of life-themes. The type that would prompt an instant dialogue between diviner and client while promoting two key ingredients that further accurate readings; spontaneity and receptivity.  These are essential in that they help diviners build self-trust and boost intuition by going with their initial hit.

The following casting sheet was designed to cultivate second sight while simplifying one of the biggest challenges diviners face; time prediction.  Rather than relying on the go-to time prediction tools like astrology or a deck of cards,  I’ve made an easy casting sheet for future-telling. The goal is to pinpoint the appropriate month and week for achieving your mission via going with your initial hit. Want to give it a try? Here’s how it works:


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Magpie Oracle Annual Casting Sheet

Following are a few rules I like to keep in mind before casting:

  • Read what you see
  • What you see is what the symbol will mean for you
  • Your first flash or impression counts the most, so go with it


If you find yourself stuck or tongue-tied with a symbol, ask the following questions:

  • What is it? Simply describing what you see breaks us from speechless moments (it happens).
  • What does it do/purpose?  Describe the charm’s function and how it can be used.
  • What does it stand for, or remind you of?  This ties the symbol’s meaning into your story or situation.
  • What’s the message or take-away from the symbol? How will you use what you’ve garnered from the divination and apply it to your life?  After all, divination is about creating an actionable plan that brings change and enhances our mission.


Create a When question. For example, When is the best time for me to:

Move, enter/leave a relationship, take a trip, change jobs, etc?

Next, remove and set aside the dice from your Keepsake Box and cast your remaining charms over the casting sheet. There are several ways to cast charms and I always say that your way is the best way. Many like to hold their charms a few inches above the center of their casting sheet before releasing them, while others shake their kit over the sheet in a counterclockwise circle. There is also the neat and tidy route of randomly hand selecting charms and assigning one to each position on the sheet.

After casting, notice which charm(s) lands on or near the You/Now position,  This charm will give you an overall focus or theme for your reading and while it may not always address your opening question, I suggest you reconsider what the divination is presenting to you before disregarding it.  Perhaps your original question can be looked into at another time?  For example, if your original question is rooted in when the best time might be for starting a family and the Jet or Car charm lands in the You/Now position, I would immediately see this as a travel or transportation, rather than family theme. Again, go with your immediate hunch.

This casting sheet works specifically with the months in a year and the four weeks within each month. I’ll be presenting a more detailed casting sheet that gives focus to divining with the days of the week in late September.

Take note of which month and week your charms land. Is there a concentration of several charms in one month more than another? If so, perhaps this indicates a busy time and one that’s presenting you with a number of options to look for and try.  I consider the months with the least amount of charms as a time of singular focus and/or a time for doing less. I also look to the charms that land off the sheet as non issues, and sometimes as outside help. The more casting sheets you try, the more this type of positioning will become clear to you.

In the case of more than one charm in a position, I recommend you try your hand at combining symbols to build your observations and conclusion.  Here is a copy of the Emblem Elucidator to get you started on creating your own set of definitions.

Before finishing, make sure that you add your initial take directly onto your casting sheet. Printing two sheets– one for casting and one for adding notes, is something many find useful.  Note what it is that you feel the symbols are suggesting you do, or not do.  A fun way to predict this is by casting your set of three smaller dice:

Roll all three dice at the same time for each symbol, or for the symbols you aren’t quite clear of.  Go with the die that presents the highest number. Roll again if two or all three dice tie in number. As they say, the highest number wins.

  • Green = Yes, go for it
  • Yellow = Pause and reflect. Don’t jump into anything just yet
  • Red = NO! Absolutely not


For an additional layer, roll your Quest die for each symbol, or for the charms that hold the most charge, to indicate the, who, what, why, when, where and how in your theme.

A final question I like to ask is, How will I apply the divination to my life? By returning to your casting calendar often you can check on how your divination is playing out.  Are you following the plan or creating any type of a game change along the way?  Either way, you have the tools to design your destiny so make it an excellent one. As always, may your future follow your highest wishes.