The Charming Dead Oracles Kit is HERE



by  Andrew McGregor  &  Carrie Paris




About The Charming Dead Oracles Kit


For the past 2 years, Andrew McGregor and Carrie Paris have taught Mediumship and Casting in China, Europe, Canada, the US and to an ever growing online community. The Charming Dead Oracles is their answer for an advanced extension of their course. While this new kit maintains structured techniques that elicit spirit communication, ancestral healing and personal evolution, it also reveals a set of 10 universal archetypes that have frequented the readings in each country Andrew and Carrie have worked in. This set includes a number of old tools that support the Archetypal Dead, yet gives a new twist for communicating and opening portals between the seen and unseen. Each kit includes the following tools:

  • A 54 card pocket deck: Each card in the Charming Dead deck houses 2 unique symbols that trigger a poetic dialogue often communicated through the Archetypal Dead

  • A Mercury dime pendulum for reading the direction and movement of the archetypal environment from the Otherside

  • A 67 piece, metal charm casting kit with a six-sided die that reads the who, what, why, where, when and how of the Archetypal Dead’s messages

  • An Archetypal Dead casting cloth for pinpointing, understanding and navigating the love of thousands

  • A hand made, Charming Dead Blessing Oil charged and blessed to protect, attract and open channels of communication

  • All items are packed in a customized cigar box, topped with the Charming Dead Oracles logo and sealed with a magically charged thread