Tips on Casting with the Magpie Oracle

If you’ve landed on this page chances are you were redirected here to gather a few tips on casting with the Magpie Oracle. Whether you’re an advanced diviner, or just learning to use the Magpie Oracle I, II or III, the following information first encourages you to follow your intuition. In doing so you will divine from a place of self-trust. With that said, it is important to prepare a few things before casting.

0. FoolAlong with selecting a casting sheet or spread, take some time to form your questions. A good rule to follow is, the clearer the question, the clearer the answer. It also strengthens the divination to have a solid vision of your desired outcome. What is the end result that you want to achieve from your reading? Nourish your divination by keeping an eye on that particular prize.

Once your questions are organized and you have a good view of the outcome you want to create, the future will conspire to work in tandem with your plan by inspiring clear solutions rather than obscure outcomes.

TT Group Photo 3There are several ways to cast charms and I always say that your way is best. Many like to hold their charms a few inches above the center of their casting sheet before releasing them, while others prefer to pepper or shake their charms over their sheet. There is also the neat and tidy route of randomly hand selecting charms and assigning one to each position on your sheet. Be adventurous, curious, inventive and find your casting style.

After casting, take note of where your charms land. Depending on the casting sheet, each charm will likely build an overall focus or theme for you to consider. And while your casting may not always address your opening question, I suggest you reconsider what the divination is presenting to you before disregarding it. There will always be something that is trying to get your attention.

In the event that you feel stuck with decoding or defining your throw follow these four steps:

1. What is it?
Sometimes just naming the charm or symbol breaks the ice and gets the ball rolling.  Start by just describing the literal aspect of the charm.

2. What does it do and what is its purpose?
Describe how the piece can be used in life and in your situation.

3. What does it stand for or remind you of?
In other words, can you see any familiar tie-ins between the symbol and your situation?

4. What is the take away?
How can the symbol offer clarity or insight to your situation and how can you apply it to your life? The aim of divination is not always about forecasting the future, it also puts us in a position to receive a message for which line of action to take.  Chloe McCracken's casting

Your divination isn’t over until your outcome is realized.  To keep it alive I recommend you either take a photo of your spread or keep it out where you can revisit it daily.

Happy casting and may your future follow your highest wishes.