Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards is a completely new divination deck created by Gabe Marihugh. It’s the deck I turn to for added oracular insight and it always pays off. While it lends itself beautifully with any divination system, it also holds up as a stand alone oracle in that anyone can divine with it and receive instant, yet lasting advice.

From the deck’s website:

“The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are a completely new divination system emerging from a life of subtle energy inquiry & practice. It takes inspiration primarily from Western esoteric teachings & will find an inspired integration with many paths, especially those involving energy work with Chakras and/or elemental practices of inquiry and initiation.”

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He’s also published the complete deck guidebook online, so once you have the cards you can read in depth guidance for each card for free online.

Also, you can draw a digital card right now on Facebook.