World Tarot Day 2014

Each year on the 25th of May I like to celebrate World Tarot Day by making a video spread that viewers can try at home.  However this year I wanted to share with you my process of making what I call, mandala spreads.

This video gives a short example of what I create after a tarot sessions with a client.  The idea is that each mandala serves as an expression of my client’s focus. It provides them with a creative link to their story and works as a portal for insight. It is my job and honor to build an artistic representation of that focus and hold vigil over it until my client actualizes their reading.

Perhaps on this day that celebrates all things tarot, you too will feel inspired to build an altar of your own. One that awakens the muse within and promotes self-knowing. Happy World Tarot Day, and may your own nature be your guide in life.